Paperboy JA community project for Jamaican Children's Homes

Paperboy JA helps children around the island by distributing clothes, toys, and books donated kindly to us by people around the world. Each year, we identify which of Jamaica’s 38 state children's homes to donate to on the basis of the donations people send us.

In 2012 we began looking to help homes that are inland and away from Kingston, as these are the ones with the least funding and donations.

Our donations over the years have included Homestead RCCF, Fusion Charity in Trenchtown, St Mary’s Child, and City of Refuge Children’s Home. In these homes, the children range from ages two to fourteen years old. Most are orphans, and some are housed there to protect them from abuse. We have been able to restock the homes' play rooms with a wide variety of games and toys and to provide each child with a set of clothing and a toy or doll.

One of our memorable donations was given in partnership with a friend, a private tutor who donated his school equipment and library to the cause.  We passed these on to a home so they could set up better classrooms and have a library. We also collected a set of Encyclopaedia Britannicas from another schoolteacher. This gave the children a fantastic extra resource for their learning centre.


This year, we are trying to help state-run homes that are severely lacking in funds due to minimal donations.

We have toys for children ages four to eight, clothes for kids ages two to nine and books en route from a school library in north London.

While Paperboy JA continues to help the children, anything you are able to donate will be greatly appreciated and placed where it is needed most. 

DHL Jamaica has kindly donated all transport to Jamaica from anywhere in the world and then on to the homes, once we have sorted the items and assessed where they will be best used.

If you would like to donate items, make a rough list, put the items in a box and measure it. You can then e-mail the information, along with your name, address and contact number, to We will  provide your information to DHL Jamaica and they will liaise with your nearest depot who will contact you to arrange pick-up.

Find out how to help Jamaican Children's Homes by visting our Facebook page.